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Why to choose Wildlife Pool

Because we put our whole heart and energy into this important work.

We are not affiliated with any big exchanges. Our pool can be small but independent. There is a great idea for a better future behind us. By helping Cardano network be truly decentralized, we will donate percent of the income from our pool to sponsor non-governmental organizations in order to preserve wildlife and reduce the harm made by human beings.

We guarantee an extremely good performance by running on a cloud server provider with over 99.99% uptime. Our nodes are hosted in Frankfurt on services provided by DigitalOcean with multi-level security and 24/7 monitoring.

Wildlife pool is managed by passionate IT professional with 9 years of experience.

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Our server architecture is designed for high security and availability.

Servers are 24/7 monitored in order to prevent events that can affect the performance of the servers or cause downtime.

We will keep our servers up to date and increase our pledge to be more successful in long term.